Baildon Golf Club
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Course Guide By European Tour Caddy Dominic Bott

1st Hole Reservoir

The first hole looks innocuous enough, a straight drive over around 30 yards of heather, to a generous fairway and a short to mid-iron to the green. Grass bunkers protect the right side of the green, with rough close enough on the left to be a problem for any shot missing on that side.

2nd Hole Quarry

The signature hole on the course and with good reason. This par 3 finds you perched atop a cliff with a former quarry below. The tee shot to a large green positioned on a plateau with steep banks down to the right and behind.

3rd Hole Sconce Cragg

The hole doglegs to the left and if you are long enough to carry the thick rough you will be rewarded with a short iron into the elevated green. The safe play is to drive to the corner of the dog leg with a shot around 200 yards but this leaves a longer shot in to a small green.

4th Hole Faweather

Often played into the wind and uphill the green looks a long way, positioned in the lee of a hill. The wide fairway invites you to let rip, from the fairway a mid to long iron to a large elevated green. 

5th Hole Pennithorne

Requiring a climb to the summit of the moors, it is vital to get your tee shot airborne as quickly as possible to carry the rough and find a generous landing area before facing a blind approach to a green flanked by grass bunkers.

6th Hole The Top

Here, you are greeted with the first bunkers on the course which threaten any tee shots travelling left or right of the green on this tricky par 3.  When played from the competition tees the hole takes on a different aspect entirely as you are challenged, playing across the narrow green and trying to negotiating your ball over left hand bunker.

7th Hole Ambler

The fairway of this par 4 slopes from left to right and if you have a tendency to fade the ball you will find yourself with the prospect of a shot from the rough, which is fairly light in comparison to the rest of the course, and over a bunker but if you overshoot the green there is a perilous slope at the back.

8th Hole Cat Rocks

This par 4 begins a loop of three holes and requires a downhill drive to a dog-leg, left to right fairway. It is probably the most scenic hole on the course. The green has two pot bunkers guarding the right side of the green with he ground falling away sharply to the left, the accuracy of your approach is key.

9th Hole Birch Close

Plays longer than that its yardage as you drive into the prevailing wind to an undulating fairway which is intersected by a hummock of rough. The hole can give you the true links feel, any approach shots to the right of the green can be swallowed by a deep grass bunker.

10th Hole Pits

There is a chance to reflect and take in the peace of this quiet corner of the course upon some conveniently positioned glacial debris before facing this par 3. The majority of the hole is carry to the green and is guarded by a bunker to the front right, with the ground running away to the left gathering any over cautious shots.

11th Hole High Park

Following the 10th you climb to an elevated position before driving to a fairway below you which is guarded by a ditch and out of bounds to the right and rough to the left. The approach to the green on this par 4 hole is blind as it is hidden away at the bottom of a steep slope which provides you with the option of going for the pin and trying to stop the ball on the narrow putting surface or attempting a chip and run down the slope. The hole is played completely differently from the competition tees as it becomes a right to left dogleg with your drive required to negotiate the rough and out of bounds area.

12th Hole Low Plane

Requires an uphill, blind tee shot with a guide post positioned on the brow of the hill to show you the way. A good drive is needed to reach the green in two but it's also protected by a couple of bunkers front right but here the ball feeds towards the green from the left.

13th Hole Lobly Gate

A real risk/reward hole. Played from an elevated tee this par 4 is reachable with a drive but should only be taken on if you are on your game as the carry is all over deep rough and the front of the green is protected by a ditch. A fairway wood or long iron to the middle of the fairway leaves a short iron to a large, sloping green.

14th Hole Dobbin

You begin your climb back to the summit of the course on the 14th. The fairway is wide and inviting and is used for longest drive competitions but you must be careful of a ditch running along the right-hand side of the fairway. Your approach is a tricky one, steeply uphill to an elevated two-tier green with a bank at the back of the green as a back stop leaving it short is not an option.

15th Hole Acre House

The tee shot is a tricky one, downhill to a fairway which slopes steeply from right to left and if you accommodate the slope too much you can end up over the road and out of bounds. There is nothing for you if you go left except for deep rough but there is a handily placed plateau in the fairway which offers relief from the slope and is the site of the old green. Hit this and you are left with an approach to a green which nestles at the bottom of a steep slope inviting either a chip and run or high shot to hold the green. The ground runs sharply away at the back of the green leaving the club selection from an elevated position key.

16th Hole Dennis

The final par 3 on the course which appears to be a simple flick with a lofted club to a hidden two-tier green. However, caution is required for if you go left down the banking or long you will not be able to control your chip from the surronding rough. The right-hand side is the favoured option which gives you the chance of getting a fortunate bounce down onto the green. Get one on line with the green and you get a rush of expectation, only discovering the fate of your ball once you reach the putting surface.

17th Hole Strathmore

The first, but not the last, par 5 on the course provides a tough drive with a mound known as “Gargons” acting as a knuckle narrowing the fairway at driving distance. If you are in range of the elevated green you must be accurate. A channel of fairway is all you have as rough provides stern protection to the mckenzie green.

18th Hole Home

The final hole is downhill all the way, a par 5 reachable for the longer hitters. With dense rough to the right, out of bounds on the left and a stream running down the left and behind the green you need to make sure that your line and length are spot on whichever way you play the hole.