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*Terms and conditions for the Playing Membership Offer (Gold/Silver)

a. Abide by club rules.
b. Gold members can enter all competitions but Silver members CAN NOT enter Saturday or Sunday competitions unless specified.
c. Offers not open to existing members
d. Offer is open to past members who have been left for 2 years or more.

Playing membership will convert to Full Gold / Silver Membership at the end of the introductory period.

a. Payment for all memberships offers, can be made in full when applying or by Standing Order payable to Baildon Golf Club, forms are available from professional or the Golf Club Secretary.  Applicants wishing to use the latter method must complete the Standing Order Mandate and send to your bank. Please note that Baildon Golf Club is not licensed to collect payments by Direct Debit.
b. When using the Standing Order option the first monthly instalment will be made in cash or card at the time of application, with the balance being deducted in equal monthly instalments. Applicants using this method of payment are deemed to agree to commit to the full duration of the membership offer.
c. Membership is not transferable.

Unpaid or Outstanding Balances
a. In the event of any monthly standing order payments not being received, the Club will attempt to collect this during the following month.
Should this payment not be received, members will be deemed to be in default of the Golf Membership Scheme Terms and Conditions and the full outstanding balance of the membership offer will become due and payable immediately.
b. Any person in such default will not be permitted to play the course until the balance is settled and may be refused participation at other clubs in the area.