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December 2017
DayDate  EventCategory 
Fri112.00pm to 3.00pmBaildon mens forum Clubhouse 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sat27.30am to 12.30pmMonthly Medal Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sun37.30am to 12.30pmStableford Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate Party  dining roomClubhouse 
  12.00pm to 2.00pmSUNDAY LUNCH Clubhouse 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmChildrens Xmas Party Clubhouse 
Mon412.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Tue58.00am to 1.00pmChristmas Fuddle Club Comp. 
Wed68.15am to 1.00pmMidweek Medal Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate Party  Shipley mens forumClubhouse 
Thu78.00am to 1.00pmWinter Alliance Away Match 
  12.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
  8.00pm to 11.00pmHeadline EventAGM 2017 Clubhouse 
Fri812.00pm to 6.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sat97.30am to 12.30pmMonthly Stableford Club Comp. 
  7.00pm to 11.00pmPrivate Party - Nick D Clubhouse 
Sun107.30am to 12.30pmStableford Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Mon1112.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Tue128.00am to 1.00pmWinter 9 Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Xmas lunch  Dining room Clubhouse 
  2.00pm to 5.00pmAfternoon tea. Ladies lounge Clubhouse 
Wed137.30am to 12.30pmMidweek Stableford Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Christmas lunch  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Thu147.00pmPrivate Party  Shipley 41 clubClubhouse 
Fri1512.00pm to 3.00pmLunch Party.  Main loungeClubhouse 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Lunch  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
  3.20pmFuneral Clubhouse 
Sat167.30am to 12.30pmGreen Keepers Revenge Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party  Dining roomClubhouse 
Sun177.30am to 12.30pm4BBB (Green Keepers Revenge) Club Comp. 
  4.00pm to 8.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Tue198.00am to 1.00pmStableford - 10 Holes Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Wed207.30am to 12.30pmMidweek Stableford Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate dinner party. Dining room doors closed Clubhouse 
Sat237.30am to 12.30pm10 Hole Stableford Club Comp. 
Sun247.30am to 12.30pmStableford Club Comp. 
Mon2511.00am to 2.00pmBar open today Clubhouse 
Wed277.30am to 12.30pmMidweek Stableford Club Comp. 
Sat307.30am to 12.30pm10 Hole Team Event Club Comp. 
Sun317.30am to 12.30pmStableford Club Comp. 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 4:40am to 9:46pm

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