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June 2017
DayDate  EventCategory 
Thu1 A Team v Horsforth Away Match 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmRabbit V Woodhall Hills Away Match 
Fri2 8 - 15 v Bradford Moor Away Match 
   B Team v Bradford Away Match 
  6.30pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sat37.00am to 1.00pmRabbit's Invitation Day Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sun47.00am to 1.00pmFamily Greensomes Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 2.00pmSUNDAY LUNCH Clubhouse 
Mon55.00pm to 6.00pmE.L v West Bradford Away Match 
Tue68.00am to 1.00pmPing 4BBB Competition/Stableford Club Comp. 
Wed78.15am to 1.00pmMidweek Medal Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmBaildon mens forum Clubhouse 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCamera Club - Main Lounge Big Screen required Clubhouse 
Thu84.00pm to 6.00pmRabbit V Bingley St Ives Home Match 
Fri9 8 - 15 v Bradford Moor Home Match 
   Scratch Team v Bingley St Ives Home Match 
Sat107.00am to 1.00pmMonthly Medal/Charlie Hodgson Trophy Club Comp. 
Sun116.00am to 6.05amDawn Chorus - Shotgun start Club Comp. 
  2.45pm to 7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Mon125.30pm to 6.30pmEvening League Ladies V Cleckheaton Home Match 
Tue138.00am to 1.00pmCharlie Hodgson Trophy/EWGA/Club Medal 8 Club Comp. 
Wed147.30pm to 11.00pmCaravan Club Meeting - Dining room Clubhouse 
Thu15 Ladies A team v Woodsome Hall Away Match 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmRabbit V Bingley St Ives Away Match 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCommittee Meeting - Ladies lounge Clubhouse 
Fri16 8 - 15 v Cleckheaton Home Match 
   Scratch Team v South Bradford Away Match 
Sat177.00am to 1.00pmMonthly Stableford/Rabbits Chippendale Trophy Club Comp. 
Sun18 4BBB General 
Mon195.00pm to 6.00pmE.L. v Keighley Away Match 
Tue208.00am to 1.00pmPrize Day - L. Smith & S. Watkinson Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate lunch. Dining room Clubhouse 
  7.00pm to 11.00pmEvening Presentation Clubhouse 
Wed217.00pmWestgate Drama Group Clubhouse 
Thu221.00pm to 2.00pmLadies A team V Abbeydale  Bar at 5pm & Meal at 5:30pmHome Match 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmRabbit V Fulneck Away Match 
Fri23 8 - 15 v Cleckheaton Away Match 
   B Team v Bondhay Away Match 
   Scratch team v Shipley Home Match 
Sat247.00am to 1.00pmTeam Event Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sun258.00am to 2.00pm8-15 Team Championships Visitors 
Wed287.00am to 1.00pmRabbits 3 Clubs and a Putter Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 4.30pmBridge ladies lunch Clubhouse 
Thu2912.30pm to 2.00pmLadies B Team v Bondhaye  Bar at 5pm & Meal at 5:30pmHome Match 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmRabbit V Fulneck Home Match 
Fri30 Scratch team v Bradford Away Match 
  7.00pm80's NIGHT  Only £5 per ticketClubhouse 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 4:40am to 9:46pm

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