Baildon Golf Club
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September 2017
DayDate  EventCategory 
Fri112.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate lunch  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Sat27.00am to 11.30pmHeadline EventCaptain's Day & Presentation Evening Club Comp. 
Sun3 Medal General 
  9.00am to 5.00pmHeadline EventCaptain's Mixed & Presentation Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 2.00pmSUNDAY LUNCH Clubhouse 
  1.00pm to 5.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room, doors closed. Clubhouse 
Tue58.00am to 1.00pmPast Captain's Trophy/Bridie 2 Final/Club Medal1  Bar & Meal from 7pmClub Comp. 
Wed68.15am to 1.00pmMidweek Medal Club Comp. 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCamera Club - Main Lounge Big Screen required Clubhouse 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCaravan Club Meeting - Dining room Clubhouse 
Thu77.30pmPrivate Party  41 club DinnerClubhouse 
Fri83.00pmWedding Clubhouse 
Sat97.00am to 1.00pm4BBB Club Comp. 
Sun10 Stableford General 
  12.00pm to 5.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Tue128.00am to 1.00pmStableford - 18 Holes Club Comp. 
Wed131.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate party Clubhouse 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCaravan Club Meeting - Dining room Clubhouse 
Thu148.00pm to 11.00pmHeadline EventExtraordinary General Meeting - 8PM Clubhouse 
Fri155.00pmPrivate Party  WeddingClubhouse 
Sat167.00am to 1.00pmMonthly Stableford Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party  Mr and Mrs HargreavesClubhouse 
Sun17 4BBB General 
  12.00pm to 3.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Tue198.00am to 1.00pmEWGA/Club Medal 2 Club Comp. 
  7.00pm to 11.00pm2nd Hand Clothes Sale - Ladies Section Clubhouse 
Wed207.00pmWestgate Drama Group Clubhouse 
Thu2112.15pm to 3.00pmFuneral Clubhouse 
  7.30pm to 11.00pmCommittee Meeting - Ladies lounge Clubhouse 
Fri227.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sat237.00am to 1.00pmMonthly Medal/CP Dawson Trophy Club Comp. 
  2.00pm to 6.00pmPrivate Party  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Sun24 Stableford General 
  1.00pm to 5.00pmPrivate Lunch  Dining room doors closedClubhouse 
Tue268.00am to 1.00pmEnd of Season Greensome Club Comp. 
  2.00pm to 5.00pmAfternoon tea. Ladies lounge Clubhouse 
Fri2910.00am to 1.00pmPaul Durkin Memorial Trophy - Vistors Visitors 
Sat307.00am to 1.00pmLevi Thorpe Bogey/Rabbits Chippendale Bogey Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Dinner Party Clubhouse 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 4:10am to 10:09pm

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