End of Year Report 2019


Captains Year End Report 2019

The first year in our new home was always going to be a challenge, but by focusing on the interests of the members and their guests it’s safe to say  that on the whole the golf has worked well running out of the new club house.  There are a few things still to progress, signage, storage and a putting green would be nice but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The variable weather has played a big part in the condition of the course this year and  like other clubs across the country we experienced unusual growth evidenced by the towering bracken and rapidly replenished semi, which seemed to keep ahead of our cutting regime.  Thank you to Ian Willis and the greens team John, Ian, Alex and Simon for addressing the problem with better machinery and taking on members suggestions. They have provided us with a far more playable course, rewarding players across the membership, and receiving accolades in the report by our agronomist, (now a regular feature of our course maintenance and a statement of intent of our commitment to course standards).


The Club's golf season got off to a great start at the 2nd Div Team Championships held at Bracken Ghyll with our team, represented by Neville Hargreaves, Alan Bentley, Andy Melrose and Simon Neath narrowly missing out on the top spot which was taken by Bracken Ghyll with their home advantage. I've offered our gem of a course to the Union for future consideration.

The Scratch Team were comfortably amongst the top part of the table for the first half of the season and only through the revised league format and some uncharacteristic results by other teams towards the end of season were we forced in to a three way relegation battle to belatedly overcome Skipton 4-2 and jump all the way back to a respectable 4th position in the league. The Scratch team are a credit to the club and have consistently performed for over 20 years.  Our Rabbit and 8-15 sections were unfortunate to get relegated this season but undoubtedly will enter next year with the renewed vigour that should see them re-join the top flight soon.  It was truly satisfying to hear from those that represented the club throughout 2019, that they felt honoured to have been asked.  Thank you for all your efforts and determination, the club is looking at how we can extend this to more members next year.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported the domestic and open competitions we've held this year, congratulations to all our winners and those that members that shared in the celebration of their achievement at the first Presentation Night in the Waterworks.  It was nice to see our Club Cup winner Dan Aspinall share the moment with his family, demonstrating the environment and atmosphere the House team have successfully achieved this year.

Thank you to the immediate Past Captain Richard Jones for trusting me with the role and opportunity of Captain 2019 and all the advice and support I've received from the past captains.  I wish your captain for 2020 Kevin Woodhead and his vice John Brear all the best for their year, knowing they have a wealth of knowledge to draw on if required.

The Mixed Competitions have been one of the pleasant surprises of the year courtesy of Frank & Betty Beaumont, as they take a break from organising things at the end of the season I’d like to thank them for all their tremendous efforts and hard work over the years. The support of the Ladies section front of house and behind the scenes has also been instrumental in making events run flawlessly, thank you Ladies.

We owe our existence in our new clubhouse to the tireless work of the Committee, Trustees, Development and House teams, with particular thanks to Geoff, Nick, Malcolm, David and Neville, and backing up all these teams literally with a hands-on approach has been Mr President. Having known John for several years I was still surprised at how enjoyable it would be to work alongside him.  Whenever we had differing opinions we always managed to find a compromise in the best interests of the club without ever compromising our partnership and generating a stronger friendship that will extend well beyond our term.


Finally, to all the members of Baildon Golf Club, I would also like to thank you all for the support and friendship I’ve received over my 12 months in office. As has been proved by the turn out at golf events like the Bradford Union Winter Alliance and numerous functions held by visitors, our continued collaboration of pulling together as members has made Baildon Golf Club become a place that everyone wants to be a part of.

Best Wishes for many years together in this great club.

John Megson

Captain 2019