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Juniors Welcome

I am delighted to announce that the Junior Academy will be recommencing at Baildon Golf Club this Spring 2020. This will be open to new and existing juniors. We will be able to take advantage of the clubs facilities, including the pitch and putt, the practice area and the course. Further details about next years programme will be announced in April.
We would encourage juniors to enroll in the junior passport to golf programme, which is a structured programme to encourage the development of skills and knowledge of the game. For more information go to

All juniors and their carers will be required to complete our registration documents. You can view and print these below or ask our secretary Paul Weatherill for forms.

Application Form

Antibullying Policy

Conduct of Carers

Conduct required by Young Golfers

Permission For Photographs 


For further information. Contact Andrew Burgess . Email:

The following forms should be completed should anyone have any concerns about bullying, abuse or in the event of accidents.


Incident report form

Accident report form