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Rules For The Baildon Scramble

General Club Noticeboard : Rules For The Baildon Scramble

Rules for the Baildon Scramble

  • A three person team, each player has a 3/4 HCP allowance.
  • All players tees off and the best drive is chosen each hole, then all three players try to hole out with their own ball from this position.
  • The team scores 1 point for each par made , 2 points for a birdie etc. The team's combined score for each hole is counted.

It will be interesting to see which team strategy works best, the use of a steady low player for off the tee position or the higher handicap to convert those net birdies. To keep the game flowing you'll note there are no points for bogeys, giving you the 'option' to pick up and reflect on your swing.

Clean and place is in place and please note that the bunkers are back in play.

Enjoy your round


Captain 2019