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Whisky Trot - 15 holes RESULTS

General Club Noticeboard : Whisky Trot - 15 holes RESULTS

Thank you to everyone that played in and supported the re-arranged Whisky Trot our first to be opened up to visitors and guests. I hope you all enjoyed the variation.

In the end there was very little separating the top 5 pairs, four of whom jostled for position one point behind our overall winners Mark Ramsden and John Brear who shot 6 under for 36 points.

A mini presentation was held in the bar so that I avoided having to look after the prizes and the temptation to break in to any of the bottles (whisky isnt cheap to replace these days with that tax hike).

Congratulation to those in the prizes and a special mention to D Swift and P Harper, guests who also finished in our top 5.

Runners Up
P Magee & R Jones
I Martin & J Megson
D Swift & P Harper (Visitors - check out our future opens for 2020)
R Walker & M Forrest

Captain 2019