100 Club T & C's

Terms & Conditions for the Baildon Golf 100 Club

1. Name: The name of the club shall be the “Baildon Golf 100 Club” (“the club”).

2. Object: The object of the club - to raise funds for Baildon Golf Club to assist in the running of the golf club.

3. Membership: Membership of the club shall be limited to 100 persons over 18 years old for a minimum of one year. Members may leave the scheme after the first year by giving one months notice. Cancellation of payment shall be deemed to be cancellation of membership. A member  does not have to be a member of Baildon Golf Club.

4. Trustees: The club shall be administered by the committee of the  Baildon Golf Club. An appointed treasurer will be responsible for the keeping of accounts, arranging payment  of prizes and transfer of surplus income to the golf club. The decision of the trustees in any matter relating to the operation of the club shall be final. Separate accounts shall be kept for the club from that of the Baildon Golf Club and will be audited annually.

5. Membership Fees: Membership to the club entitling one draw  number from 1 to 100 per draw, costs £120 per year payable either annually by cheque, bank transfer or by monthly standing order for £10 per month. Members may hold more than one membership to the club ie. more than one draw number. Membership shall be deemed to have started at the first draw after receipt of first payment.  All numbers not allocated belong to Baildon Golf Club.

6. Prizes: A draw shall take place on the first Thursday of each month.

The prizes will be:
1st prize £300 (increasing to £500 June & December).
 2nd prize £100 
 3rd prize £50
 4th to 10th prize £20

Each draw shall be made by or under the direction of the trustees. The results of the draw shall be announced on the Baildon Golf Club website and by written notices around the golf club. Prizewinners will be notified in writing of their win and payment will be made by cheque posted to the address shown on the application form or for collection from the bar.. Should for any reason membership levels fall below 50 members, the trustees shall be entitled to reconsider the terms and viability of the scheme, giving members one months notice to terminate the scheme.

Baildon  Golf Club, Moorgate, Baildon