Terms and Conditions


We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time, but we will always notify members and publish these changes on our website with copies available on request made to the Club. All members are subject to these terms and conditions and are respectfully reminded of their obligation to observe all rules and to make every effort to comply with any reasonable request made by the Club and its officials.

You can use the Club facilities in accordance with your membership category, which is explained in the Club Rules, as well as local rules.

Baildon Golf Club reserves the right to use discretion in all matters relating to membership, deals and offers are available for a limited time only, and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.


1. Membership Conditions

1.1 Applications

1.1.1 An application form must be completed by applicants for all membership requests. No application will be accepted until clearance of relevant fees and/ or the payment plan is completed. Acceptance of Membership shall be at the sole discretion of Baildon golf Club. The payment terms will be stated in the Application Form.

1.2 Contract and Club Rules

1.2.1 These Terms and Conditions, along with the contract, form the Principal Agreement between the Member and Baildon Golf Club. In signing the Contract, the Member is expected to comply with the Club Rules that are available on the members’ website or through the  Club office. We may sometimes need to make changes to the Club Rules. If we do this we will observe the associated timescales and procedures outlined in the existing club rules.

1.2.2 Membership is continuous until revoked in writing and acknowledged. New members have a fifteen day period from acceptance in which to revoke membership and receive a refund but if s/he should have played during that 15 day period then s/he will be responsible for the payment of all green fees at normal full rate. Where membership is refused by the Club any use of the course maybe charged at the guest rate at the Club's discretion.

1.3 Subscription

 1.3.1  The membership year begins on April 1st and subscriptions are paid annually in advance. A member joins each year for a minimum period of one year unless s/he joins partway through a year in which case the member is responsible for his/her subscription up to the end of the standard yearly period. A member must write or email to inform the Club that s/he no longer wish to continue his/her membership before fees for the subsequent membership year is due, else the member will be automatically committed to a further annual subscription. A member is responsible for his/her fees up to March 31st each year.

1.3.2 Members wishing to pay by instalments must do so by first notifying the Club. To assist with administration bank information must be supplied at the time of commencement of membership. All payments must be paid on 1st day of each month. Paying by instalments you are agreeing to a membership up to March 31st. In addition to any renewal surcharge for late fees (section 1.4), failure to meet the payment plan instalment date will incur a late fee of £15 to cover the cost of administration associated with processing the late payment.

1.3.3 Cancellation policy: In the event a Member or the Club cancels a membership for any reason outside of our terms and conditions, the Member is relegated to a potential applicant status and loses any loyalty status s/he may have accrued. A former member wishing to re-join must first pay any fees outstanding. Any former member that has not complied with this may not be signed in at guest rate, s/he is not allowed to play in any Club Open event. They are restricted from representing another club in a team match but may paying a full green fee as a member of a visiting society.

1.3.4 As part of the Club's commitment to its members and honouring a duty of care, the Club will consider written applications for temporary suspension of golf membership due to exceptional unforeseen circumstances (e.g. life event, health or financial). Successful applications will be subject to a change of membership category to that of a social member, any periods of loyalty continuity will be subject to annual review and the outcome may affect future eligibility to membership benefits. It is the member's responsibility to notify the club of their membership intention ahead of the start of each new subscription renewal period. The category you are in at April 1st is the category where your loyalty applies.

1.3.5 Members will be notified of any changes to subscription fees through the AGM , or on occasion an EGM, changes will be published on the website and be available through the Club office. Invoices are sent out by email in February for the new year the club cannot be held responsible for address errors, the Club will publish changes to subscription costs at least 50 days ahead of them being due.

1.3.6 Memberships are not transferable and cannot be used by anyone else.

1.4 Payment and subscription balance

1.4.1 Subscription renewal payments not received within one month of becoming due will result in an administration fee of £30.  Should the membership not be paid up it will be considered cancelled and all services may be suspended.

1.4.2 In the event of any instalment payments not being received, the Club will attempt to collect this during the following month.
Should this payment not be received, members will be deemed to be in default of the Golf Membership Scheme Terms and Conditions and the full outstanding balance of the membership offer will become due and payable immediately.

1.4 3 Any person in such default will not be permitted to play the course until the balance is settled and may be refused participation at other clubs in the area.

1.4.4 No refund will be made on resignation for subscription payments received.

2. Golfing Facilities

2.1 Golf course and practice area

2.1.1 The Golf Club will endeavour to provide golf courses in the best condition possible. This may, from time to time, result in closure of holes or parts of holes to make improvements considered to be in the best long term interest.

2.1.2 The course or practice areas may be closed for extreme weather conditions or for competitions and for booked play outside of members times.

2.2 Bookings

2.2.1 To manage membership and course capacity all tee times are managed through our booking system.  Members can sign up to the online self-service application or book with the Club office during opening hours.

2.3 Green fees and Guests

2.3.1 Fees for playing the course are set annually at AGM for summer and winter period, subject to flash rates at the discretion of the Captain.

2.3.2 All members are responsible for their guests.  The frequency and times permitted for such guests shall be at the discretion of the Committee. A member may not introduce the same guest any more than ten times in any one year without prior arrangement through the Club.

2.4 Handicap and competitions

2.4.1 Entry in to specified club competitions is dependent on valid handicap, section membership, age restrictions and category of membership. Please refer to the membership category schedule and Club Competition Rules for full details.

2.4.2 Union subscriptions are applicable to some categories of golf membership, this is currently included as part of a member's subscription. 


3. Code of Conduct

3.1 Respect for others

3.1.1 By accepting membership of Baildon Golf Club a member agrees to abide by the Club's code of conduct. This code includes taking care not to publish any information on any social media platform which is hearsay, non-factual or their opinion which may discredit Baildon Golf Club, the membership or any member of staff. Any member infringing this clause may be disciplined which may include being expelled or not invited to re-join the golf club.

3.2 Accountability

3.2.1 Terms and conditions of membership may be revised from time to time and members should be aware of revisions and updates following publication by the Club. (Last revision 9th February 2021)



Membership Categories

 Payment options
Premium Application open to all

Play 7 days a week,
7  day priority

Annual, Half yearly, 10 monthly payments 

Club Application open to all  Play 7 days a week,
6  day priority
 Annual, Half yearly, 10 monthly payments 
Standard Application open to all Play 7 days a week,
5  day priority
 Annual, Half yearly, 10 monthly payments 
Secondary  Applicant must be a full member and have a home handicap at another club. Play 7 days a week,
7  day priority
Annual, 2 equal payments*
Country  Must have permanent residence more than 50 miles from Club. Play 7 days a week, 7  day priority Annual, 2 equal payments*
Flexible  Application open to all Play 7 days a week,
5  day priority
Annual, 2 equal payments* 
Junior Application open to anyone under the age of 18 on 1st April of the current subscription period  Play 7 days  Annual
Social Application open to all  N/A  Annual

* account to be settled within 2 months of joining.


To register your interest please complete our online membership enquiry form


(Updated: Mar 2021)