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Membership Proposal 2021 Questions - ANSWERED

Membership Proposal Baildon Golf Club 2021

The proposed categories of membership for 2021 are outlined below, and look to provide options for members currently in Gold, Gold retired, Silver and Silver Retired.  Existing discretionary membership categories remain unchanged (e.g. secondary membership, phased adult 19-30yo), although through and beyond 2021 these categories will be considered for revision to ensure contiuned equaty of memebrship. 

What you need to know:

  • The expectation is that Gold members will transition to Premium, and current Silver members to Club.
  • Gold Retired members will enjoy Premium benefits at Club subscription rate, Silver Retired will be entitled to Club benefits at Standard subscription rate.
  • All members are entitled to apply for any category.



What about 348 Members?

As this deal was an introduction to golf it is hoped that you are now in a position to consider ongoing member and you are welcome to select from any of the package of benefits offered by each category.  With members on the 348 deal averaging 32 rounds each between May and November (with some managing 60) we feel that the Standard package still offers great value against a standard visitor or even guest greenfee with the additional benefit of an official handicap.

Where is the Lady Category?

Well shame on you, this isnt 2009! The Committee were swift to address equality back in 2010 and although the misleading category of Silver Lady and Silver Retired Lady may appear on your bill this was originally set up for administration purposes.  It has proved more useful recently in providing the ladies section with a means of getting priority booking on a Tuesday as a category used in the BRS booking system.

 I'm Retiring what about me?

Congratulations, We hope you find all that time to do the things you wanted to , anecdotally existing retired members suggest this is a fallacy.  But dont fear on the membership front.  If you qualify for the retired scheme, which closed to members joining after 2006, drop us a line and we'll run through your options, they are outlined above but you'll be forgiven if you have forgotten about that by the time youve got down to reading this. For those entering retirement after the cut off period we hope you find the packages provide a means to play at the time you like and at the price you want to pay, current playing stats certainly seems to support this.

How does the priority booking work?

 All members get 7 day access, however priority is as follows:

  • Premium members get priority booking over all other categories and visitors Monday through Sunday (7 days)
  • Club members get priority booking over visitors and Standard members Monday through Friday and also Sunday (6 days)
  • Standard members get priority booking over visitors Monday through Friday (5 days by a small margin of a couple of hours).

What about all the golf I missed this year?

There is no question that this has been a terrible year, with so many people lost to COVID, some retaining long term ill health effects, businesses closing their doors for the last time, millions losing their jobs , children losing parents. By no means a comparison but within the golf community there may be those that feel an injustice at not being able to take to the course following the Government's announcement to protect our fellow humans during lockdown.  Everyone's circumstances are different, if you feel that rather than support the measures the club are taking to provide a sustainable membership in these very uncertain times, and that you'd like to seek recompense please contact the club directly through the Secretary so that we can resolve this matter to your satisfaction. 


News Item

Winter Membership Offer Announced!!! 

Do you know someone looking for regular golf this winter?

HOW TO - Register for Members Online Booking



To support ongoing safety efforts now Covid-19 restrictions have been revised we have introduced online booking via your web browser or the BRS App.

Once you have received an email with your username  , follow the steps below to register your account.

  1. Go to the following link to register your details,
  2.  Enter your details in the form, (see screenshot below, your username is in the email 2020 members have been sent).
  3. Submit your request.
  4. Wait for confirmation within 24 hours.

A list of commonly asked questions raised by members registered are answered below.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is my username?
A: Your username is supplied in the registration email sent by the club , all golfing members for 2020 have been sent a registration email. 

Q: Why havent I recieved a registration email?
A: The email is sent from a 'no-reply' address and may have been recognised as spam by your email service, check your junk or spam folder. If you still dont have the an email please contact the club (preferable on the following email address: admin @ ).

Q: How can I book a tee time?
A: You can use the online members service ( or download the BRS app for you Smartphone.

Club House Opening

The Club house will be open on the 12th April. Outside seating only. 

How to Vote at the AGM

To vote in the AGM go to the BRS App and select the competition that reflects your vote:

  • Vote In Favour of Membership Proposal - Thu 28 Jan
  • Vote Against Membership Proposal - Fri 29 Jan 

Add your name to a tee slot to register your vote.  You can register your vote from 12:00pm Monday 25th January through until 8:00pm Thursday 28th January 2021.


Please note you will receive email notification of your 'vote' (booking).

Membership Subscriptions 2021

Our plans to successfully ride out of the effects on golf from the global pandemic have been shared with our members in a recent subscription proposal.  You can find the answers to your questions on the matter at the following page on our site.


Meanwhile you will also have been sent a link to a survey please help us gauge support by completing it before 30th December


Merry Christmas

Baildon Golf Club


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