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Annual Medal and Stableford Qualifiers to date

There are only a few more opportunities to qualify for this years Annual Medal and Stableford.  Make sure you take your chance to join those that have already qualified, see the current list in the link below.

Created: 22-Aug-19 19:02

Eclectic 2019

Check out the current standings for the 2019 Eclectic competition, as we enter the countdown to the final rounds of the season. 

(Scores do not take into account count back scores until the final round of the season is complete) 


Created: 19-Aug-19 22:38

Special Greens Offer Throughout August

2 Green fees at Baildon Golf Club for the price of 1( 2 for £25) at the weekend!

Want to play one of the most scenic golf courses in Yorkshire with fantastic views across the moors. Well now you can. During August we are offering a special deal of 2 green fees for the price of one. Tee times available are

Saturday 11:00 -11:30 or 13:30 - 17:00.

Sunday from 11:00 - 17:00

Food is served until 5pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday.

Enquires please mail to or phone 01274 584266. 

Please quote 2 for 1 August offer. You must receive confirmation of your booking and apply at least 48 hours in advance to qualify. Bookings are on a first come basis.

Offer only applies if you play as a 2 ball and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount we might offer.

Created: 05-Aug-19 16:36

Annual Medal & Stableford Qualifiers

List of the players that have qualied for the Annual Medal & Stableford 

   Medal   Stableford 
Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
Oct 2018 Simon Neath John Dewhirst Alex Stevenson Dan Teece Martin Binns Billy Pringle
Nov 2018 Rick Walker Martin Binns Jim Wade Simon Neath Trevor Oliver Paul Huddlestone
Dec 2018 Chris Hargreaves Richard Garth Phil Ronkowski Simon Neath John Brear Shaun McCabe
Jan 2019 Simon Neath Trevor Oliver Mark Mills John Knorr Alan Rennie Shaun McCabe
Feb 2019 Simon Neath Richard Garth Alex Stevenson Rick Walker Richard Garth Jordan Busfield
Mar 2019 Daniel Aspinall John Brear Alex Stevenson Chris Hargreaves Martin Binns Jordan Busfield
Apr 2019 Anthony Chaplain Nick Helm Stan Jones Daniel Aspinall Geoff Dixon Richard Jones
May 2019 Simon Walton Andrew Walker Mark Mills Andy Couzens Andrew Burgess Stan Jones
Jun 2019 Andrew Walker John Brear Tom Helyar Simon Neath Chris McKenna Darren Norman
Jul 2019 Rick Walker Jason Roberts Darren Norman Tom Roche Rob Garth Chris Wilson
Aug 2019 Alan Bentley Marc Forrest John Bromley  Andrew Clarke  Ian Helyar  Richard Jones
Sep 2019  Richard Buck  John Brear  Martin Patchett      

Created: 22-Aug-19 18:59

Millennium Trophy Conditions

Please be aware for today’s competition bunkers are GUR and preferred lies can be taken from the fairway cut. 



captain 2019


Created: 17-Aug-19 02:08

Club Trip 2019 - Burnley Golf Club

Ahead of the Club Trip this weekend please find attached details about the event, directions and pairings.
Venue: Burnley Golf Club, Glen View, Burnley BB11 3RW
Meeting Time: 10:15am
Format: 4BBB Mens Open
(Additional prizes on the day for pair and individual results)
You can find out more information about the club on their website,
Tee Time Order Player A   Player B Player C   Player D
1 John Megson & Kevin Woodhead James Megson & Richard Walker
2 Paul Huddlestone & Hilary Baxter Frank Beaumont & John Holder
3 Mark Hainsworth & Darren Norman Martin Patchett & Martin Binns
4 Andy Walker & Richard Jones Andrew Clarke & Scott Halliday
5 Andy Branthwaite & Andrew Sutcliffe John Brear & John Bromley
6 Steve Cooper & Andrew Burgess Simon Neath & Graham Wilkinson
7 Mat Roche & Ian Taylor Dan Teece & Mark Oliver
Captain 2019
Created: 16-Aug-19 10:25

Friday Fizz Starts Friday 9th August

Come to The Waterworks, Baildon's newest venue. We offer a bright modern bar and restaurant on the edge of the moors with plenty of space both inside and out.

August's Friday Fizz Special

Finish the week of with some Fizz! Available from 16:-00 - 19:00 every Friday

  • Procecco £12 for 750 mls bottle or £4.50 for 200mls bottle
  • Tacos or Burgers £5
Created: 05-Aug-19 16:40

Dawn Chorus Sunday 23rd June 2019

All the details you'll need for our annual Dawn Chorus.  See you out there bright and early : )

Meet 5:30am 

Format: Medal , White Tees, 18 holes. Players are encouraged not to submitt an ' No Return' score.

Cost: £15 (Comp fee and Steak Breakfast )

Hole Player A Player B Player C
1 Ian Willis Alan Rennie John Brear
1 John Bromley Geoff Illingworth Mick Roche
2 Paul Weatherill Paul Huddlestone Chris McKenna
3 Simon Neath Steve Cooper  
5 Richard Jones Martin Binns Ian Helyar
5 Tom Heylar David Johnys Andrew Burgess
6 Mark Jones Ian Taylor Scott Halliday
7 Ian Martin John Megson Antony Chaplain
14 Andy Walker Jason Roberts Andy Melrose
15 James Megson Nick Dearden Tom Roche


See you out there,


Captain 2019


Created: 19-Jun-19 23:53

A week of Captain's Events

This year's Captain's events will be held between Tuesday 24th June and Sunday 30th June, with evening entertainment on Saturday 29th June, all members and their guests welcome, please see the flyer in this link

Created: 04-Jun-19 23:14

YUGC 5th Div Championships

Congratulations to our players Ian Martin, Andy Couzens and Richard Buck who represented us in the Yorkshire Divisional Championships today (23rd May).  Their strong performance kept us in the league and they were exceptional unfortunate to miss out  narrowly on promotion by a shot.

Well done guys , a confident show and thank you on behalf of the members for your commitment to the club taking time out from work to represent us.


Captain 2019

Created: 22-May-19 23:16

LIVE DRAW - Club Cup & Presidents Foursomes Knockouts

This Thursday (23rd May) at booking on along side the weekly announcements and the Open The Box draw we will be making the live draw for the knockout matches in the Club Cup and President's Foursomes.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Captain 2019

Created: 22-May-19 23:09

2nd Div Team Championships at Bracken Ghyll

*2nd Div Team Championships at Bracken Ghyll*

This week gets of to a great start with some absolutely great news showcasing the success of our Team, represented by Neville Hargreaves, Alan Bentley, Andy Melrose and Simon Neath.

The format of the competition was a 4 man team combined medal round with each golfer playing off scratch.  Our boys pulled off some terrific scores to finish 2nd only narrowly missing out on the top spot which was taken by Bracken Ghyll with their home advantage. 

Gents it was a pleasure to see how well you struck the ball and I'm really proud of your achievement, thank you on behalf of the club.

Created: 06-May-19 21:04

Sam Tattersall Mixed Trophy - Tee Times

This weekend's tee times for the Sam Tattersall Mixed Competiton:


11.30AM  S Delaney/M Patchet & L Smith/I. Willis

11.40AM  A Dowling/J Megson &  L Madden/ T Helyar

12.00AM N Masters/ A Burgess & S Douglas/ J Holder

12.10PM  L Bentley/A Bentley &  J Baxter/ H Baxter

12.20PM L Illingworth/G Illingworth & B Beaumont/F Beaumont


Created: 26-Apr-19 11:32

Join the 100 Club - seize your chance

A space has become available in Baildon Golf Club's 100 club. Dont miss out on this opportunity to be in with a chance of winning £300 a month or £500 in June and December.  For full details see the following link, and let us know ASAP, good luck:

Created: 16-Apr-19 18:51

Jubilee Rosebowl 2019 - LINK UPDATED

The pairings for the Jubilee Rosebowl this weekend ( 20th April 2019) can be foound at the following link:

All members signed up to the event have been fully placed , if you didnt sign up and would like to make yourself available as a reserve please notify the Captain by email,

Format: 18 holes, White tees, lowest handicap golfer plays a 4BBB with other two golfers, 9/10th Hcp

Created: 16-Apr-19 18:42

Jubilee Rosebowl 2019

  Jubilee Rosebowl (2019)        
Tee Time Player A Hcp. Player B Hcp. Player C Hcp.  
08:04 C Moore 7 G Dixon 13 D Cherrington 14  
08:20 M Oliver 8 J Holder 14 D Petty 28  
08:28 S Cooper 10 P Weatherill 13 L Marsden 18  
08:36 N Hargreaves 11 M Wilson 13 V Pemberton 24  
08:44 T Oliver 13 M Forrest 16 J Dewhirst 19  
08:52 T P Roche 11 A Charlesworth 17 P Ronkowski 27  
09:00 M Ramsden 8 H Baxter 18 S Jones 28  
09:08 D Teece 0 A Walker 13 D Norman 26  
09:16 M T Roche 0 I Helyar 15 B Pringle 24  
09:24 T Foster 8 R Garth 14 T Helyar 25  
09:32 A Melrose 10 A Hardy 17 M Patchett 21  
09:40 A Bentley 9 J Roberts 15 F Beaumont 22  
09:48 M Hainsworth 6 W Richards 10 G Wilkinson 13  
11:48 S Neath 10 A Burgess 13 S Halliday 19  
12:04 N Dearden 9 A Rennie 14 J Busfield 20  
12:12 I Willis 4 J Brear 13 J Megson 19  
12:20 R Walker 8 G Busfield 18 R Jones 20  
12:28 K Woodhead 9 I Taylor 13 M Roche 21  
13:16 A Couzens 2 D Bott 14 J Bromley 21  
Created: 16-Apr-19 18:39

Details for the Masters Team Event - 14th April


This Sunday ahead of the final round of The Masters we'll be playing our Baildon Masters Team event.  For those of you already signed up please see the following details for the day.  If you are looking for a team please contact the Captain to be put in touch with any teams looking for extra members.

  • Shotgun start  1:30PM
  • Team of four ( any combination)
  • 10 Holes 1-6 & 15-18
  • Yellow Tees
  • Stableford
  • 3/4 Hcp , max handicap before reduction: men 28 , ladies 36 
  • 2 scores to count , 3 scores on Par 3s
  • Cost per team £40 ( £10 per player to include prize and meal)

Please note the starting tee position for teams G, N & H  has been revised to 16,17 and 18 respectively.   Registration will be in the club house, where your scorecard with starting postition will be available.


John Megson

Captain 2019

Created: 07-Apr-19 10:10

Rules For The Baildon Scramble

Rules for the Baildon Scramble

  • A three person team, each player has a 3/4 HCP allowance.
  • All players tees off and the best drive is chosen each hole, then all three players try to hole out with their own ball from this position.
  • The team scores 1 point for each par made , 2 points for a birdie etc. The team's combined score for each hole is counted.

It will be interesting to see which team strategy works best, the use of a steady low player for off the tee position or the higher handicap to convert those net birdies. To keep the game flowing you'll note there are no points for bogeys, giving you the 'option' to pick up and reflect on your swing.

Clean and place is in place and please note that the bunkers are back in play.

Enjoy your round


Captain 2019

Created: 23-Mar-19 07:07

8-15 & Rabbit Section Enrollment - Still Available

If you'd like to take part in the competitions organised by the Club's 8-15 and Rabbit sections this year and havent already signed up then please seek out an enrollment form from the Secretary. 


We'll also have them avaiable at booking on. If you have any questions about the sections come along and share them.


John Megson

Captain 2019

Created: 14-Mar-19 15:56

Cheltenham Team Open - Weather Update

Well I cant say it was totally unexpected given the weather we've had the past week and events of previous years.

As it stands it looks like it is going to be dry-ish but very windy which will make playing 18 holes with two to count a challenge.  We'll look to fashion some form of game out there but it may not be the one you'd planned on, so if you'd rather just take in the afternoons racing action please let me know on so I can rejig things for the rest of the brave souls.


Catering will still be available in the morning so it may be that we get to enjoy more of a leisurely breakfast before teeing up for some 'fun'.


See you at the club



BGC Captain 2019


Created: 14-Mar-19 15:52

Cheltenham Team Open - Tees Update

Tee positions for the Cheltenham shotgun start have been sent to the main contacts for each team.  If you are part of a team and would like to know more please speak with your contact  or email

John Megson

Captain 2019


Created: 11-Mar-19 23:33

Rabbit & 8-15 |Section Enrollment

If you'd like to take part in the competitions organised by the Club's 8-15 and Rabbit sections please join us for enrollment in the club house from 7:30pm on Thursday 7th March 2019.

If you have any questions about the sections come along and share them.


John Megson

Captain 2019

Created: 06-Mar-19 19:43

WINTER LEAGUE 2018-2019 - After Final Qualifying Rounds

Well the final qualifiying competition of the Winter League has been completed and the top 8 are now known.

The Quarter Finals are to take place over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd March*

  • G Wilkinson vs C Wilson
  • M Hainsworth vs T Helyar
  • A Burgess vs S Cooper
  • S Neath vs D Norman
* Matches must be played over these two days. The format is to be Matchplay of full handicap played from the yellow tees.
Final League Table
Name Played Score to Par League Pts Average to Par
G Wilkinson 13 -48.6 65 -3.7
M Hainsworth 12 -43.2 65 -3.6
A Burgess 12 -47.1 60 -3.9
S Neath 10 -49.1 55 -4.9
D Norman 12 -31.2 55 -2.6
S Cooper 11 -41.6 30 -3.8
T Helyar 9 20.8 30 2.3
C Wilson 4 -28.4 25 -7.1
T Foster 6 -40.5 25 -6.8
B Pringle 6 -35.5 25 -5.9
P Huddlestone 8 -47.1 25 -5.9
G Illingworth 5 -19.6 25 -3.9
M Patchett 8 -25.2 25 -3.2
A Couzens 4 -32.5 20 -8.1
J Baldie 8 -22 20 -2.8
R Jones 8 -14.6 20 -1.8
D Booth 7 3 20 0.4
M Oliver 5 -28.2 15 -5.6
A Charlesworth 6 -32.6 15 -5.4
Mat Roche 6 -30.2 15 -5.0
S Jones 6 -25.8 15 -4.3
A Melrose 8 -26.2 15 -3.3
J Bromley 6 -16.5 15 -2.8
M Binns 6 -12.2 15 -2.0
J Brear 6 0.4 15 0.1
I Helyar 9 23 15 2.6
N Dearden 4 -21 10 -5.3
I Taylor 5 -26.2 10 -5.2
A Jennings 6 -26.5 10 -4.4
D Aspinall 6 -13.8 10 -2.3
I Holmes 4 -5 10 -1.3
J Knorr 7 0.5 10 0.1
J Bradley 7 38.8 10 5.5
K Woodhead 4 -29.2 5 -7.3
M Jones 4 -26.3 5 -6.6
A Rennie 6 -25.5 5 -4.3
T Roche 7 -28.5 5 -4.1
A Walker 7 -17.6 5 -2.5
James Megson 4 -5 5 -1.3
M Gammon 7 -4 5 -0.6
P Weatherill 5 -2.8 5 -0.6
J Holder 6 11.2 5 1.9
C Hargreaves 2 -13.4 0 -6.7
S Walton 4 -25.4 0 -6.4
A Hardy 4 -24.3 0 -6.1
M Higginbottom 3 -15.2 0 -5.1
I Kettlewell 5 -23.5 0 -4.7
A Stevenson 6 -26.6 0 -4.4
G Stevenson 6 -26.6 0 -4.4
S McCabe 5 -20.5 0 -4.1
John Megson 4 -15.3 0 -3.8
M Mills 2 -6 0 -3.0
A Thomas 3 -8.6 0 -2.9
I Willis 5 -13.6 0 -2.7
D Teece 5 -12.1 0 -2.4
N Helm 2 -4.8 0 -2.4
A Walton 2 -4.6 0 -2.3
C Moore 2 -4.1 0 -2.1
M Crossley 7 -13.2 0 -1.9
M Ramsden 6 -9.6 0 -1.6
F Beaumont 9 -3.4 0 -0.4
Robert Garth 4 7.6 0 1.9
Created: 24-Feb-19 14:19

Patsome Winter League Results (16th Feb)

The Patsome Winter League Results (16th Feb) are listed below:


1st Place – M Binns & M Patchett   63

2nd Place – D Bott & P Huddleston 64

3rd Place – K Woodhead & A Couzens 64

There were 5 twos, listen out for the announcement on Thursday to see what you won.

Created: 21-Feb-19 13:00

Captain's Drive In - 3rd Feb 2019

Created: 21-Jan-19 22:42

Cheltenham Team Open

The Cheltenham team open event returns in 2019 hosted in our fantastic new clubhouse.

The 4 person team event made up of any combination, will be held on Friday 15th March, (shotgun start at 9am). 

The format is a stableford with 2 scores to count on the par 4&5s and 3 scores to count on par 3s. 

Food and refreshments will be available in the club house before and during the event provided our new catering function Water Works.

This popular event fills quick so please contact our Secretary to book your place or use the form to register your interest .


Created: 21-Jan-19 13:16


Created: 28-Sep-18 23:12

Flexible Membership with PlayMoreGolf


Baildon Golf Club are pleased to have have teamed up with PlayMoreGolf to offer our flexible membership package. 

Designed for the both the infrequent golfer or someone new to the game PlayMoreGolf allows you to join Baildon Golf Club for only £325 per year.

To find out more click on the PlayMoreGolf logo above

Created: 24-Aug-18 15:47

Course Flyby

Many thanks to our member Nick Helm for creating this fantastic video which highlights our wonderful course




Created: 18-May-18 22:17

2018 Open Days



(This includes Full, Midweek, Flexible and Lady Members where applicable)

All events where the format is Any Combination will have prizes in each of the following categories:

  • An all Mens Team
  • A Mixed Team
  • An all Ladies Team

NB: This is providing there is a minimum of 3 groups within each category

Bookings can be made via our website by clicking on the icon or click here to book a Tee Time and follow the links to Open Competitions. Alternatively just give us a ring on 01274 595162 and we'll book a Tee time for you. 

March 2018

Fri 16 Mar 2018 9.00amCheltenham Gold Cup Open Day

May 2018

Sun 13 May 2018 7.30am8 - 15 Section Team Open Day

July 2018

Sat 14 Jul 2018 7.30am8 - 15 Section Open Day

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