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Golf Membership for £348

If you're a regular golfer but havent committed to a club why not take a look at our introductory membership which provides unlimited golf 7 days a week for £348.

Over the period of 15th May to 18th May ahead of reopenign to visitors, you can take advantage of this offer using the online booking and selecting your preferred tee time on either Friday , Saturday or Sunday this weekend.

The membership is subject to T&Cs and a two week probabtionary period, but during that time you can use your initial greenfee to play as often as you like until the application is processed.  Once processed you can play unlimited rounds until 31st March 2021!


In the event your application is not approved you will receive a full refund.  

May Course Update from the Greens Team

Good Afternoon Dear Member

I hope you and your families are safe and well as we hopefully start moving towards some easing of the lockdown restrictions of the past few weeks. Hopefully you’ve either had your first taste of a return to golf at Baildon or have planned your first game for this weekend and can again start to enjoy the pleasures and benefits the game can provide.      

Just a quick update to ask for your understanding and patience regarding the thickness of some sections of the course which fall outside of the routinely cut areas such as fairways, greens and tees.

The rough cutting machine has recently been sent in for repair and, due to lockdown restrictions on many industries combined with the timing of the government announcement allowing the return to golf - we have not yet had the machine returned. The repairs are completed but deliveries are currently some way behind schedule – this has meant that the rough has not received the attention it would usually be given at this time of year, when noticeable growth begins. We are advised and hope the machine is expected back within the next week.

Please rest assured that as soon as the essential machinery is back there will be a sustained period of rough cutting which is planned to continue throughout the season. The greens staff will also see the addition of Ian and Alex who will assist the work being carried out by John and Simon in preparing the course to its best possible condition. The greens team will then be in position to progress both immediate and longer-term priorities of the course in order to meet the needs of its members.  


Best Regards

B.G.C Greens Team

HOW TO - Register for Members Online Booking



To support ongoing safety efforts now Covid-19 restrictions have been revised we have introduced online booking via your web browser or the BRS App.

Once you have received an email with your username  , follow the steps below to register your account.

  1. Go to the following link to register your details,
  2.  Enter your details in the form, (see screenshot below, your username is in the email 2020 members have been sent).
  3. Submit your request.
  4. Wait for confirmation within 24 hours.

A list of commonly asked questions raised by members registered are answered below.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is my username?
A: Your username is supplied in the registration email sent by the club , all golfing members for 2020 have been sent a registration email. 

Q: Why havent I recieved a registration email?
A: The email is sent from a 'no-reply' address and may have been recognised as spam by your email service, check your junk or spam folder. If you still dont have the an email please contact the club (preferable on the following email address: admin @ ).

Q: How can I book a tee time?
A: You can use the online members service ( or download the BRS app for you Smartphone.

Senior Open - COVID-19 Response

Unfortunately the seniors open has had to be cancelled.

Apologies to all those affected, we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe. 

COVID-19 Advice whilst playing golf at Baildon

Dear All,

Just a quick update on how we can proceed on golf competitions as requested by the English Golfing Union to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus

- Please all follow the Government's advice to wash your hands as you enter and leave the clubhouse
- Vulnerable people and people who think they have the virus should stay away from the club until further notice
- Change golf shoes in the car park
- No cash transactions over the bar and when booking on
- Golfers to stay 2m apart if possible when playing
- Play golf in small groups , three maximum
- Leave the flag in the hole at all times
- Handshakes should be avoided
- Bunkers are GUR as rakes have been removed
- Scorecard Machine will not be in use
- Competition fees will be taken from your card
- Use scorecards and mark your playing partners score on the card you have, do not swap cards to sign you only need one signature
- Put the completed score cards in the box 

Stay Safe 

Kevin Woodhead 

Captain 2020

Junior Academy Golf Launch Event

Unfortunately, the relaunch of the Junior Academy will NOT now take place on 29/3. We will have another event as soon as we are able to. We look forward to welcoming you, as soon as social restrictions caused by the coronavirus have been lifted.  

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