New Member Info

Welcome to the club


Whether you are new to golf of a veteran of clubs past you're still bound to have some questions about your membership of Baildon Golf Club.  Below is a selection of the commonly asked questions as a new member, if you have anything else you'd like to ask that you think we've missed please do ask and we'll add to the list so future members can benefit from your insight.


What are the Club rules

Alongside the rules of golf we also have club rules that have been put in place to ensure we all get along respectfully with our fellow members.  You will have been issued with details of how to access the club rules as part of your induction, and as part of your successful application have agreed to abide by these rules.  You can revise or revisit the rules here.

How do I book a time?

Tee time availability is managed through our online booking system provided by BRS.  You can download the BRS app to your phone or use the BRS web service.  For instructions on how to get set up click here. Please only book for the times you need, for details on booking with or for playing partners read on. Please note that we encourage people to integrate with other members and for that reason we respectfully request that you do not book out a full tee slot for regular individual use during peak playing periods.

Booking with other people?

Golf is always better with someone to watch you pull off those round saving shots and with the booking app you can book for partners as well as yourself.  All registered users are listed in the app and you can add them to your tee time or they may add to your booking.  If you reserve a slot for a member you are required to update the booking with the name of the playing individual ahead of your round otherwise you may be charged a guest fee.  The club systems provides the club with useful information on course usage which in term helps to inform how we adapt to continue to provide the best service to our members and visitors. 

How do I bring a guest?

You can also use the App to book your guests.  After adding your own name select the guest option from the 'General' list.  Your guest's greenfee will be charged to your account at the guest rate and a bill issued through the office.  We hope by the end of the year to see guests payments issued through the app as a straight through payment.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the club?

If you have any questions about your membership there is usually a willing member to offer an answer , we're a friendly bunch.  If you are after a more official answer or need to know something about a specific area of the club you can direct your questions to the office and they will provide the Club's response or put you in contact with appropriate people responsible for your query. (

How to join competitions

We have regular competitions through out the year, and across membership and sections.  Certain competitions are limited to membership categories , or by joining the section associated with your handicap.  You can use the app to book on for both the mid-week and weekend competition, the latter will be highlighted on your app's dashboard where as the mid-week comps are just a case of booking a convenient time through the app.

How do I get a handicap?

The introduction of the World Handicapping System allows you to play courses across the global on a more equitable basis, that said our recent rating suggested that we are one of the easiest courses to play  in the area , so go figure that one.  Each time you play you can record your score and submit your round for evaluation.  When you have submitted enough cards to generate a handicap , the club will process your scores and issue a handicap. 

Why don't you have a proshop?

One of our sacrifices in moving to the new clubhouse was the loss of our pro shop.  We still maintain links to the services of local professionals and if you need to enquire about lessons, updating your golf gear or reloading your golf bag, get in contact with the office and we will put the pros in contact with you.

How do I use my bar discount?

You will have been issued with a membership card as part of your induction, you can put credit on this card then when you pay for drinks over the bar with the card the discount is automatically applied.  Your bar discount will build with the amount you spend over the  year.